Top 10 Gift Cards in Indonesia: How and Where to Buy Them

Gift Cards in Indonesia

In a world where convenience and digital solutions reign supreme, gift cards have become a popular choice for gifting in Indonesia. These versatile tokens of appreciation allow recipients to choose their desired products or services, making them an ideal gift for various occasions.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 gift cards in Indonesia and delve into the ease of purchasing them online. Moreover, we’ll introduce you to Buysellvouchers, a prominent online platform for buying vouchers.

Top 10 Gift Cards in Indonesia

1. iTunes

  • iTunes gift cards have garnered immense popularity among Indonesian consumers, particularly music enthusiasts and app aficionados.
  • Users can redeem iTunes codes to access a vast collection of songs, apps, and games available within the Apple ecosystem.
  • In the last few years, Apple reported a significant increase in digital service revenue, partly attributed to the demand for iTunes gift cards in Indonesia.

2. Amazon

  • Amazon gift cards have revolutionized online shopping in Indonesia, providing access to a massive array of products on the global e-commerce giant’s platform.
  • In 2021, Amazon’s customer base in Indonesia experienced substantial growth, driven in part by the popularity of Amazon gift cards.
  • The diversity of products available for purchase with Amazon gift cards ranges from electronics to fashion, contributing to their widespread appeal.

 3. Xbox

  • The gaming culture in Indonesia has seen remarkable growth, with Xbox keys serving as a gateway to the gaming world.
  • Xbox gift cards enable gamers to acquire games, accessories, and subscriptions for Xbox consoles, catering to the thriving gaming community.
  • The revenue generated by Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online gaming platform, experienced substantial year-over-year growth in Indonesia.

4. Skype

  • Skype vouchers have become indispensable for individuals and businesses in Indonesia seeking cost-effective communication solutions.
  • They facilitate international calls and text messages, making them a preferred choice for maintaining connections with loved ones abroad.
  • Skype’s user base in Indonesia has expanded significantly in recent years, reflecting the demand for Skype credit gift cards.

5. Roblox

  • Roblox gift cards have captured the imaginations of Indonesian youngsters, offering entry into the immersive Roblox virtual world.
  • The platform’s user engagement statistics in Indonesia reveal a growing community of players creating and exploring games using Roblox digital keys.
  • The Roblox Corporation reported substantial revenue growth, partly attributed to increased usage of Roblox gift cards by Indonesian gamers.

6. Netflix

  • Netflix gift cards have transformed how Indonesians consume entertainment, providing access to an extensive library of movies and TV shows.
  • In the last couple of years, Netflix witnessed a surge in subscribers from Indonesia, with gift card redemptions playing a role in this growth.
  • The binge-watching trend fueled by Netflix vouchers is indicative of their popularity among film enthusiasts.

7. Coupons for Google Ads

  • Indonesian businesses looking to enhance their online visibility have turned to Google Ads coupons as a valuable marketing tool.
  • These coupons provide advertising credits to promote products or services on Google’s platform, contributing to the digital marketing landscape.
  • The adoption of Google Ads by Indonesian businesses has led to an increase in demand for these coupons.

 8. PUBG

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG gift cards have found a dedicated following among Indonesian gamers passionate about battle royale games.
  • These gift cards offer in-game currency, allowing players to enhance their gaming experience by purchasing skins and other items.
  • PUBG Mobile, the mobile version of the game, saw substantial revenue growth in Indonesia, driven partly by in-game purchases using gift cards.

9. PlayStation

  • PlayStation gift cards cater to the thriving gaming community in Indonesia, offering credits for purchasing games, add-ons, and subscriptions on the PlayStation Network.
  • Sony, the parent company of PlayStation, reported robust PlayStation-related revenue in Indonesia, demonstrating the platform’s appeal.
  • The PlayStation community in Indonesia continues to grow, with digital keys playing a role in driving this expansion.

10. Steam

  • Steam gift cards have opened the doors to a vast gaming library on the popular Steam platform, providing Indonesian gamers with access to thousands of titles.
  • The Steam platform has experienced a surge in usage, with Indonesian players contributing to its global user base.
  • Steam’s revenue growth in Indonesia is reflective of the gaming community’s enthusiasm for using Steam vouchers. Your Go-To Online Platform

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How to Navigate Buysellvouchers

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If you want to make the purchase as a registered user follow this step-by-step guide:

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Payment Options on Buysellvouchers understands the importance of payment flexibility in today’s digital world. In addition to cryptocurrency payment methods, the platform is constantly expanding its payment options.

Buyers and sellers can soon expect to use popular payment methods in Indonesia, such as GrabPay, Maya, GCash, and ShopeePay, further enhancing the convenience of transactions. Marketplace promises to add these payment methods in the near future.


Gift cards have evolved into a popular and flexible way to express your love and gratitude for friends, family, and coworkers in Indonesia. It’s now simpler than ever to discover the ideal gift thanks to the ease of internet shopping and the availability of a huge selection of gift cards.

When it comes to purchasing gift cards from Indonesia, Buysellvouchers shines as a reliable platform offering discounts, wholesale options, verified sellers, and a user-friendly experience. Whether you’re looking for iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, or any other card, Buysellvouchers has you covered.

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