Why Should Your Window Cleaning Company Use Drone Technology?

Window Cleaning Company Use Drone Technology

Commercial and residential window cleaning has gained popularity over the years in America. There are over 132,048 cleaning companies. Statistics suggest there are 5.9 million commercial buildings and 142 million housing units. 

Most companies use time-consuming traditional methods like manual window cleaning and scrubbing. However, clients want a fast, easy, and effective solution. Hence, your window cleaning company must use innovative tools to offer its services. 

For instance, cleaning exterior windows using drones has become popular. This way, your company will receive recognition for using advanced equipment. In 2022, the commercial drone market was a whopping USD 19.89 billion. 

In May 2023, the windows of a residential complex in downtown Wilmington received special treatment from drones. Contractors used commercial drones to clean hard-to-reach areas of tall apartments. In this blog, we will discuss everything cleaning companies should know about drones. 

How Does Drone Window Cleaning Work? 

These drones apply a cleaning solution on the surface and remove them using a squeegee. It can achieve precision in cleanliness and reduce human labor. Their functionality includes flying to a window, spraying a cleaning solution, and wiping it off. These drones reduce job site injuries by a whopping 95%. 

Your workers will remote-control this drone and clean the exterior windows at a faster pace. Usually, these come with sensors that help them avoid obstacles. Moreover, there are two types of cleaning drones on the market. Examples include semi-autonomous and autonomous drones. 

The former involves a human operative who guides the drone to clean dirty windows. On the other hand, the latter is under development. In theory, autonomous drones can work without human intervention. 

How to Choose a Commercial Drone for Window Cleaning?

There are various ways to make money with drones as a window cleaning company. You can save money by incorporating drone operations into your daily tasks. This way, you can efficiently clean the sides of the buildings, entry points, windows, and more. 

According to Lucid Drone Technologies, drones can help cleaning companies book large venues like stadiums and universities. However, you must choose the perfect equipment that works seamlessly with your employee’s skills. High-quality commercial drones for cleaning have specialized tools that make the tasks efficient, precise, and fast. 

Unfortunately, these will become null and void if you cannot choose the right equipment for your window cleaning company.

You should look for the following aspects when buying a professional drone:

  • The ability of the drone to reach high locations 
  • Battery capacity and flight time of the drone
  • Approximate weight the drone can carry 
  • The cleaning features and sensors available 
  • Quality of the camera and operational range 

Furthermore, you should check the propulsion system and the maximum take-off load before buying the equipment. Technically, cleaning companies can either buy or rent drones. Base models can cost about USD 25,000. Similarly, renting can cost USD 350 per day, depending on your location. 

The Benefits of Cleaning Windows With Drones

The benefits of drone window cleaning include the following: 

  • Cleans unreachable places and inspects the building before operations 
  • Extremely cost-effective, quicker, and can carry heavy loads
  • They are versatile in their cleaning processes due to the unique technology used
  • Covers larger areas in a shorter timeframe and offers high-quality cleaning
  • It comes with easy-to-access cameras and state-of-the-art sensors 

Along with window cleaning, drones can help you clean patios, roofs, driveways, and more. That means you can expand your cleaning services with this equipment. 

Ways to Take Care of Your Company’s Drones

Commercial-grade drones require extra maintenance. They will have excellent operational quality if you properly care for your equipment. You can keep your cleaning drones in optimal condition if you follow these tips: 

  • Pre-flight checkups of your equipment 
  • Always store the drones in protective cases
  • Changing batteries before the job 
  • Removing the propellers after the cleaning process is over
  • Have a small tool kit with screwdrivers and hex keys for maintenance 

You must regularly clean your equipment’s motors, body, and propellers. Otherwise, there can be a buildup of dirt in the mechanism. Most commercial cleaning drones are built to withstand wear and tear. But you can use a microfiber cloth, compressed air, and a blower brush to keep it clean. 

The Bottom Line

Statistics suggest drone technology will grow at a 15.8% CAGR by 2030. Moreover, the exterior cleaning service industry is valued at USD 12 billion. It proves the commercial cleaning business will grow in the coming years.

Market leaders state the future of your window cleaning business depends on drone technology. The presence of drone-related cleaning services will influence the clients you book. 

A funny thing happened at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Naples, Florida. Passersby and guests got scared by a colorful UFO-like entity flying outside the windows. Upon close inspection, they realized it was a drone tasked with cleaning the hotel’s windows. 

Similarly, a Halifax-based company added cleaning with drones to their services and achieved significant revenue. In short, drone technology for window cleaning can become a game-changer for all exterior cleaning companies. 

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