How Alejandro Betancourt López Lept From Energy to Fashion and Beyond

Alejandro Betancourt

In the dynamic landscape of global business, few stories are as compelling as the journey of Alejandro Betancourt López from a major player in the energy sector to a visionary in completely different sectors, including fashion and travel.

This remarkable transition, fueled by his keen insight into market trends and adaptability, mirrors the agility required in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Betancourt López’s story isn’t just about financial acumen; it’s a testament to the power of embracing change and spotting opportunities in a shifting technological landscape.

Alejandro Betancourt López’s initial foray into the business world was marked by significant success in the energy sector.

His approach, characterized by a deep understanding of market dynamics and an ability to foresee emerging trends, positioned him as a key player.

However, he could see rapid change on the horizon. Reflecting on his recognition of the seismic shifts brought about by technological advancements, Betancourt López says,

“We today live in the digital revolution or the technology revolution, and it’s like the Industrial Revolution. If you keep working in an industry where horses are your main service providers, like it happened, you’re going to be out of business if you don’t evolve into cars or any other technology that was being offered at the time. That is happening today in different ways.”

Embracing Change

It’s not unusual for investors and thought leaders to stay in their lane, whether in medical, tech, or other industries. Venezuelan-born Alejandro Betancourt López certainly enjoyed considerable success in the energy space.

“At the time when I was working [in Venezuela], their main source of revenue is from the energy industry, and that’s where most of the big opportunities were at the time.

So I started that, tapping those opportunities and setting up energy companies, and I was very successful at it.

“You could raise money in the energy industry, then it became less sexy. It was this digital revolution in the last 20 years.” 

His early endeavors were at BGB Energy, co-founding energy powerhouse Derwick Associates Corp., and acting as the largest shareholder of petroleum company Pacific Exploration & Production Corporation. 

But he noted, “I started seeing all these companies that were growing and were amazing, doing amazing. I was trying to understand and digest what was going on.”

This eagerness to delve into new and emerging sectors underscores Alejandro Betancourt López’s adaptability — a trait he deems crucial for success in modern business ventures.

At the heart of Betancourt López’s success is his ability to identify and nurture innovative companies.

His strategy involves not just funding, but also actively contributing to the strategic direction of these ventures, ensuring that their growth aligns with market needs and future trends.

It’s all about going against the tide for Betancourt López.  “Sometimes investors, traditional investors, don’t see an early opportunity,” he says.

Alejandro Betancourt López’s Lessons in Flexibility and Adaptability

One of the critical elements of Betancourt López’s business philosophy is his emphasis on flexibility and adaptability. In an ever-changing business landscape, he believes these qualities are essential for sustained success.

By staying nimble and open to new ideas, he has managed to stay relevant and successful across different sectors.

He was an early investor in the Spanish temporary staffing agency JobsandTalent. He says, “I held finance from the early start. In five years, they toppled the titans of the industry in that sector.” 

Next, ride-share giant Uber caught his eye. “I got very, very interested in understanding how this player centered into a very traditional sector and disrupted completely the order of how the value is distributed between the different participants, and not only how it’s distributed between the current participants, [but] how it’s captured by these new entries of participants and completely overshadow.”

Betancourt López took it one step further, starting Auro Travel by obtaining a good amount of the limited transportation licenses made available by the Spanish government, thereby making Auro the dominant ride-sharing concern in the country.

And then there’s Hawkers, the sunglasses brand he brought to new heights by visionary use of influencers and social media at a time when that was far from the norm — for most people. Not for Alejandro Betancourt López, whose intuition has netted him a net worth of $2.6 billion.

“I think it’s very important. I think it’s elemental,” he shares. “I believe that you have to understand that the world is changing so fast and with the world of markets, the appetites, the cultures, everything changes — more technology, there is more adaptation, it’s needed.

“Before, it was normal to receive a fax. The new generations don’t understand what even is a fax machine. So things are changing so fast and the way that people communicate, the way that people like doing things — something like TikTok changed the world.”

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