Essential Steps To Deal With Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Deal With Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment is a concerning workplace scourge around the globe. Behaviors in the workplace that are considered sexual harassment include unwelcomed physical contact, requests for sexual favors, sexually-explicit humor, unwelcome advances, and sending suggestive emails, notes, or letters. 

Coping with this kind of workplace grievance can be a nightmare for anyone. But it’s essential that you speak out against the offending parties to lend a hand toward ending these toxic work practices. 

Here’s how you can deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Ask The Offending Parties To Stop

The first and sometimes most difficult step to take is to ask the offending parties to stop. Even though it might feel challenging to do this, it’s crucial to make it clear that you do not condone the behavior.

If verbally asking the offending party to stop is too overwhelming, you can always text or email the perpetrator. If you do, you’ll also have written proof of your request. 

In some cases, telling the offending party to stop can put an end to unwelcome behavior in the workplace. 

Gather Evidence

It’s tricky to prove instances of sexual harassment without any proof. Be sure to log every detail of the offending behavior, the individuals involved, the day and time, and any witnesses. 

Keeping a record of the behavior will strengthen your case if the sexual harassment continues. While your employer might ask for evidence, an employment lawyer will need valid proof to build a case for you. 

Report The Issue To Your Employer

Even if you feel a bit reluctant to report instances of sexual harassment, it’s crucial that you do so. You are protected by federal law in terms of retaliation when making any harassment complaint. 

With this, if your employer does have any kind of written policy that addresses issues like sexual harassment, it’s essential to follow the steps in the policy. 

Consult An Employment Lawyer

An employment lawyer can help you report the issue to your organization’s HR department or the most relevant professional or department. But in some cases, reporting the situation does not yield any results for employees. 

In this case, discuss your options with your employment lawyer. HKM employment lawyers can help you figure out the next step. You might be able to file a complaint with a state or federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission agency. 

Filing a complaint can spark a formal investigation and then take additional measures to effectively put a stop to sexual harassment in your workplace. 

Sexual harassment is a workplace challenge that can have legal implications for the offending parties. While asking the offending party to stop sometimes ends the behavior, you might need to report the issue to your employer.

If reporting the problem does not put an end to the harassment, you must consult an employment lawyer to discuss your options. Sometimes, it’s best to file a complaint with a state or federal agency to prompt a formal investigation. 

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