Gymnastics On An Air Track: 6 Methods

Gymnastics On An Air Track

Those who participate in gymnastics would benefit greatly from having a piece of home gymnastics equipment in the form of an inflatable air track.

The one we have is used so frequently that I believe it has unquestionably been worth the initial investment, despite the fact that they can initially appear to be rather pricey.

What is “Air Track”

The market carries many different varieties of air track, and this variety is reflected in the wide range of air track prices. Air tracks can be purchased in a variety of lengths and can be purchased in one of two thicknesses, either 10 centimetres or 20 centimetres thick.

The most common choice is a track that is three metres long, but if you have the room, I would recommend going with a track that is four metres long instead because it will enable your gymnast to practise more difficult tumbles.

By adding some “bounce” to the surface, an air track allows gymnasts to more effectively put into practice the skills they have been working on in the gym.

This is in addition to the fact that they allow for a safer, softer landing. The air track can be made softer or firmer by adjusting the amount of air contained within it so that it suits the needs of any gymnast.

Mr F, for one, likes a softer track when he’s still getting the hang of a new trick, but once he’s confident in his abilities, he prefers a firmer one.

On the majority of air tracks, there is a line marked down the middle to serve as a guide for gymnasts as they perform skills that require them to remain in the centre of the apparatus.

This may be of particular assistance to young ladies who are honing their beam routines in the comfort of their own homes.

When And How to Use an Air Track

As was just stated, you could certainly just use the air track as a place to practise the skills that you are learning in the gym by using it as a softer landing area to do so.

But in addition to that, we put ours to use in a wide variety of other applications as well.

  • Include a breath of fresh air here. The smaller air spot acts as a springboard when placed on top of an air track, allowing the gymnast to jump even higher into the air. Moreover, it can be used as a boosted launch pad for the initial phase of a tumbling sequence (such as a round-off or handspring).

    This affords the gymnast a little bit more time in the air before landing, which enables them to put in the effort necessary to really perfect their skill.
  • You can utilize it as a landing mat for other pieces of equipment. You can quickly and easily purchase a conventional landing mat (also known as a “crash mat”) online, but if you want to make better use of the available space, you can also configure your air track to perform the same functions.

    For instance, on occasion, we will sandwich ours in between the parallel bars that we maintain outside in the garden.
  • Your track may include a very slight incline, which can be useful for stretching exercises like oversplits. In order to expand the range of motion that they are capable of stretching, gymnasts perform routines in which they place one foot on an air track and the other foot, as is customary, on the floor.

    This can then help to contribute to an improvement in their performance once they return to the gym.
  • If you have hard floors in your house, your track may be able to provide a softer surface for conditioning work. This will enable your child to condition more comfortably, and there will be a lower risk of injury.
  • Take advantage of it as a launching pad. Even though a track is not quite as bouncily as a trampoline, for example, it still provides a good amount of rebound to help launch into a skill. This is because of the air that is in the track.
  • Turning your garden into a slip-and-slide is a fun activity to do when the weather is warm during the summer, provided that your garden is large enough. Simply attach a tarp to the end of the track, cover it with water, and see who can slide the farthest while on their bellies or knees.

Last Thought

Gymnastics on an air track is a very useful exercise that will help you in improving your flexibility, coordination, and balance. If you don’t have access to a gym then you can do gymnastics on the air track. It is the best way to start learning new things and getting the chance to practice.

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