What Affects Dual Motor Electric Scooter Speed

Dual Motor Electric Scooter Speed

To get started in the world of electric scooters, you must keep an eye on their speed, power, torque, and performance. Nothing matters more than speed when you’re in a hurry to reach your destination.

And what if you ride on a long journey and your scooter motor fails in the middle?

What would you do? You get completely stuck.

So, there comes the dual-motor electric scooter to tackle such challenges. A dual electric motor is equipped with two engines to power the second one if the first one fails.

This e-scooter has a powerful range to travel long distances at high speed. It’s a safe, light scooter suitable for teenagers and adults, especially when heading for a long ride.

Take advantage of a Varla Eagle One and Eagle Pro One dual-motor electric scooter if you want to stay in a safe zone, even if a single motor fails.

Let’s look at some more fascinating facts about electric scooters for adults.

What is a Dual Motor Electric Scooter?

A dual-motor adult scooter contains two powerful motors, one at the front and the other at the rear. It is considered the latest form of transportation in this century.

Scooter riders mostly prefer a motor scooter to a single-motor electric scooter since it can fix two motors simultaneously. Besides this, it guarantees you a secure and safe ride over it.

5 Factors that Affect Dual Motor Electric Scooter Speed

Certain factors contribute to the speed and velocity of the motor scooter. Do consider them when buying a commuter scooter.

So, hover over it.

1. Weight of Rider

The weight capacity of an electric scooter is specified. If an overweight person sits on a scooter, this decreases the speed since tremendous pressure is imposed on the battery. Also, the charge on the battery drains quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to check the weight of a scooter before buying it.

A dual-motor electric scooter is a high-quality all terrain electric scooter capable of bearing 265 lbs (120 kg) weight.

2. Battery Capacity

The battery pack’s capacity matters a lot, as it is the primary factor that affects the speed. The speed of the electric scooter depends on the power of the battery.

Besides, a high-voltage battery has more power and torque to run a scooter than a low-voltage battery. Therefore, use a high-power battery, helping to resolve the speed issues.

3. Type of Surface

Another critical factor in reducing the speed of a motor scooter is a rough surface. Scooters move quickly on flat, concrete roads. The smoother the surface, the faster you can move on.

In contrast, broken roads and rough ground make the ride unbalanced and harsh. Riding on sand also requires more power, hence slowing down in speed.

4. Terrain

A specific area’s geographical features can affect your all-terrain electric scooter speed. A hilly surface or a valley impacts the motor scooter’s speed.

However, you can easily navigate the terrain if you ride a dual-motor electric scooter.

5. Tyre Pressure

If the air pressure in the tire is less, it may get flat and won’t have the capacity to drive over the roads. On the other hand, high pressure is risky because it can burst the tire. Therefore, you must ensure the wheels have the same air pressure to lift the rider and move on the track.

How to Increase the Speed of Dual Motor Electric Scooters?

Here are some tips and tricks to increase the speed and performance of your long-range electric scooter.

1. Remove the Speed-Limiting Device

The majority of adult electric scooters have a range of between 10 and 15 miles. A speed limiter is a device that limits your scooter to a specific speed. It is used to control the speed of the e-scooter.

While removing the speed controller, you set your scooter free of limitations. This way, you can readily boost the speed of your adult electric scooter.

2. Upgrade Your Battery

Do you want to speed up your electric scooter? Upgrading the scooter battery may be productive for this reason.

Reset your battery settings to see better results. It improves the electric vehicle’s speed quality. Thus, you can enjoy speedy rides on your adult electric scooter whenever you want.

3. Extra Battery Pack

If you have a battery-changing option in your scooter, it can help you increase electric scooter speed. Replacing your old battery pack with the new one is another way to achieve your objective.

It not only increases the speed of your scooter, but it also improves its performance. Therefore, you should always have a spare battery pack for emergencies.

4. Rewind the Motor

Rewinding the motor means reversing the connections of the engine with the battery to enhance its proficiency. It is one of the convenient methods for speeding up the dual-motor electric scooter.

It would be best if you changed the positions of the wires to perform this task. If you need to learn how to rewind the motor, you should contact a mechanic to help figure it out.

Types of Dual-motor Electric Scooters

Here is the list of the best electric scooters with dual motors. Check them out and get the one that best suits you.

  • l Varla Eagle One Pro
  • l Kaabo Wolf Warrior X
  • l Dualtron Thunder 2
  • l Kaabo Wolf King GT
  • l Unagi Model One E500
  • l Apollo Ghost
  • l Segway GT2
  • l Apollo City Pro

If you are willing to buy a fast electric scooter? Then, it’s the right time to grab a Varla scooter that offers excellent speed to make your journey enjoyable.

Dual-motor Electric Scooters

Varla Eagle One – Dual Motor Electric Scooter

Are you facing problems maintaining the optimal speed of the electric scooter? Then there’s nothing better than the Varla Eagle One.


  • l Dual electric motor
  • l Dual hydraulic brakes
  • l Dual shock absorption
  • l Dual LED lights
  • l Two charging ports

This fast electric scooter has a dual hub of 1000 watts, offering a power output of 3200 watts.

Can you imagine that?

Furthermore, off-road electric scooter riders can use speed controllers to maintain optimal performance, ready to travel on sloppy or hilly terrain. Varla Eagle One has an Eco mode that customizes lithium-ion batteries and can travel up to 40 miles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Is it Safe to Ride a Dual-Motor Electric Scooter?

Yes, dual-motor e-scooters have two motors in front and at the back that helps balance the fast electric scooter. This lightweight scooter is suitable for a safe journey over long or short distances.

Q.2. How Much Distance Can an e-Scooter Cover?

You might find various electronic scooters with different power ranges on the market. Some scooters can cover a distance of 30–45 KPH, while others travel over 80 KPH. When traveling on fast electric scooters, such as the Varla Eagle One and Eagle One Pro, you can exceed the speed limit by up to 100 KPH.

Q.3. How do I Speed up My Electric Scooter?

It’s simple to fix this issue. Just rewind the motor, change the sprockets, or update the firmware to speed up your off-road electric scooter. There are multiple other methods to make your electronic scooter faster.

Q.4. Can e-Scooters be Folded?

The electric scooters in the town can be folded, which means they are portable. Its folding capability fits it into a small area easily.


Speed has always been a crucial factor when riding an electric scooter, and certain elements affect the electronic scooter’s speed. That’s why Varla released the Eagle One and Eagle One Pro Dual Motor electric scooters to tackle the speed issues.

So why wait? Go and grab the dual-motor electric scooter to travel safely without hurdles.

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