Top Athletes That Enjoy Online Gaming

Top professional athletes are known for their prowess on the field. Fans recall their heroics when they matter most. Off the field, some of the world’s top athletes enjoy playing online casino games and sports betting like everyone else.

Considering how competitive elite athletes can be, it’s no surprise they enjoy online gaming. The following list highlights top athletes that enjoy online casino games and sports betting.

Wayne Rooney

The English soccer star has made his mark on the football world with Manchester United. However, he’s also made his mark playing online casino games. Rooney claims to be an avid roulette player and routinely engages in high-stakes roulette wagers. However, roulette games are not his only passion, as he also likes to dabble in blackjack and slots.

One story claims that he placed $85,000 in bets within two hours. Fortunately for Rooney, he was able to make his money back. Sports journalists have reported that Rooney has spent close to a million dollars in real-life and online betting.

Charles Barkley

NBA legend Charles Barkley is notorious for his gambling issues. In a 2006 interview, Barkley admitted he had a gambling addiction that had cost him dearly. However, he didn’t plan to give up gaming.

According to reports, Barkley once made $700,000 in online blackjack and Super Bowl betting. But his love for gambling doesn’t stop at online casino games and sports betting. Barkley is known for his visits to Las Vegas casinos. On one occasion, he is said to have dropped $2.5 million.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan’s gambling issues have been reported extensively over the years. It is said that Jordan bet on sporting events after games and even bet on sporting events during the games he played.

In 1992, the NBA suspended Jordan from the league for betting on golf games. Another story claims Jordan lost $1.25 million in a high-stakes poker match in 1993. Since his retirement, he has been known to dabble in betting. In addition, he’s known for his online casino gaming passion and still occasionally engages in high-stakes gambling.

Alex Rodriguez

Former MLB star Alex Rodriguez had the spotlight on him throughout his playing career. After retirement, his high-profile romantic relationships continue to draw attention toward him. His admitted gambling addiction has also raised a few eyebrows. 

Rodriguez is known to enjoy high-stakes poker matches, and he enjoys playing real-life and online poker games. It’s unknown precisely how much Rodriguez has won or lost. But his gambling habits nearly derailed his playing career.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is a world-class professional boxer. His achievements in the ring have been second to none. Mayweather has also been open about his passion for gambling. He frequently posts pictures and updates about his gaming habits on social media. As a result, fans have been treated to his success in online casino games and sports betting.

In one instance, Mayweather bragged on social media about turning a $6,500 bet into a $20,000 jackpot. But, according to reports, Mayweather is a habitual gamer, placing wagers daily.

Shaquille O’Neal

NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal is no stranger to casino gaming, being featured in celebrity poker matches over the years. Shaq also enjoys dabbling in online casino games and poker matches. However, O’Neal hasn’t been too fortunate in the gaming world. He reportedly dropped $400,000 at a casino in 2003.

Tom Brady

Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady is no stranger to online gaming. He reportedly indulges in online casino games and sports betting to relax and decompress from his hectic schedule. Not much is known about his success, but one thing is clear. Brady enjoys online gaming like everyone else.

Online casino games and sports betting have become increasingly popular among top athletes. The convenience of playing on the go makes online games highly appealing. So, it’s safe to say that online gaming and sports betting’s popularity will continue to increase among the world’s top athletes.

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