Can a Bomb Suit Truly Save Your Life? 

Bomb Suit Truly Save Your Life

Police personnel and military officials risk their lives and go out of their way to save the nation. But the question is – Who protects them? Soldiers and police officers are imparted the training to be fearless and tackle every situation without a sweat.

But police officers and soldiers are also human beings made of flesh and blood. They need adequate protection on the battlefield because their lives are always at risk. 

So, we’ve talked about police officers and military officials, but there are bomb squads too, whose lives are always at greater risk.

They walk into a dangerous zone without caring about their life and diffuse a bomb using their skills and knowledge. 

But, the government will not send them to a dangerous bomb-ridden space without a bomb suit. You can find the bomb disposal suits costs online through a legit supplier or manufacturer, but there is a query in your head that we would like to answer. 

Can bomb suits save you? Well, you will find that out through this post. Keep reading! 

What are Bomb Suits and their Primary Function? 

Bomb suits are the uniform a bomb squad member wears once they get a warning that a location might have a bomb. They reach the crime scene and diffuse the bomb.

Defusing the bomb without the bomb suit would be a big mistake because glitches can happen. Since it is one of the scariest jobs out there, bomb squads have to be extra careful. 

So, wearing a bomb suit is to safeguard yourself from any type of bomb blast-related injuries. Bomb suits are tailor-made to protect the wearer from an explosive event that could lead to a scary injury.

Now, blast injuries could be primary, secondary, quaternary, or tertiary. Primary injuries, for example, are caused by shock waves. Secondary injuries are caused by objects or fragments that fly around during a blast.

Tertiary is when the blast wind throws the blast victims against big or solid objects. This can cause major injuries. Quaternary injuries are not included in the classes because these are crush injuries or flash burns. 

A blast could lead to injuries or anything that could throw you off and your life. Wearing a bomb suit becomes necessary, so manufacturers are designing these with new features. The question is – Do they work? We have highlighted the answer in the next section. 

How Does a Bomb Suit Save You?  

When an explosion occurs, plenty of force might throw the bomb squad in the air. It could also tear off your regular clothing. But a bomb suit is made of tightly woven fibers, so there is no risk here. 

These bomb suits can protect the squad from primary and secondary blast injuries. As for the heat caused by the blast, the manufacturers use flame-resistant materials in the suit to keep it intact.

You will also notice these suits are quite heavy compared to an army uniform. The movement is a bit restricted when wearing a bomb suit. 

Manufacturers have been making these bomb suits with Kevlar, which is a para-aramid fibre. However, you may find bomb suits made with aramid or aramid-based materials too. 

Bomb suits also have pockets (internal ones) which have Velcro and webbing. This is where you can insert ballistic plates for extra protection. These plates protect the chest, leg, arm, throat, and ribcage. 

You may also find a blast-resistant helmet with a suit that protects your head from explosions and injuries. Ideally, the wearer should wear a helmet when they diffuse a bomb. Some helmet models will also have an in-built speaker through which you can speak to the officials. 

You will notice that bomb suits don’t have anything for the hand. Technicians have to diffuse the bomb, so it is best to have bare hands because that’s how they work the best. 

So, yes, bomb suits are useful when you diffuse a bomb. Diffusing a bomb is the most dangerous act, and you should be careful. In any case, the team has to follow protocol and wear a bomb suit. 

Concluding Thoughts 

The materials used in a bomb suit do not release any body heat, which could lead to disorientation or sickness. It’s called heat exhaustion. However, some manufacturers have kept this in mind and created a cooling system inside these suits.

This can ensure that the wearer can be comfortable for the longest time and diffuse the bomb as long as it takes. 

Bomb diffusing does not happen within five minutes. It’s a tricky job, so the diffusing may also take a few hours. The technicians have to be very careful. 

We would suggest you check the features before buying the bomb suit. And yes, to answer your question, BOMB SUITS DO WORK! 

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