S.O.A.R. Strategist Tiffany R. Easley Debuts Luxurious Candle Line & Catches the Attention of National Retailers

Tiffany R. Easley

Meet Tiffany R. Easley– an Award-Winning S.O.A.R. Strategist, International Keynote speaker, Bestselling author, Empowerment expert, and Mindset coach. 

As one of the most compelling, passionate, and influential voices in motivational speaking today, Tiffany empowers audiences to overcome obstacles and accelerate their personal and professional goals by leveraging her proven 5R S.O.A.R. Principles framework. 

As a John Maxwell Team Certified Speaker, Ovarian Cancer Advocate, and Survivor Thriver™  holding a BS in Social Work and dual MBA in Marketing and General Management, Tiffany is well equipped to help individuals and corporations experience breakthroughs with her vetted S.O.A.R techniques. 

Adding another layer of brilliance to the S.O.A.R. brand, Tiffany R. Easley Enterprises, INC. is elated to announce the launch of S.O.A.R. Lifestyle, a line of luxurious products, created to stimulate and elevate the ambiance of your home and office. 

The first S.O.A.R. Lifestyle product, CREATE, is free from paraffin, parabens, phthalates, and dyes. This ocean-friendly and cruelty-free candle is influenced by the beautiful islands of Turks and Caicos and the Grand Cayman.

The second S.O.A.R Lifestyle product, INSPIRE, is also free from paraffin, parabens, phthalates, and dyes. Those who enjoy a fresh, clean, and fruity scent to relax and unwind will bask effortlessly in the Grand Cayman-influenced scent.

“Inspire” Candle by S.O.A.R Lifestyle/Tiffany R. Easley  New York Times Square Billboard  *Also Available- “Create” Candle*

mission of Tiffany R. Easley

I created S.O.A.R Lifestyle as an extension of S.O.A.R. Coaching to inspire and influence the professional woman to prioritize self-care as she excels in her personal and professional life while crushing goals.” ~ Tiffany R. Easley

One thing is for certain, Tiffany is on a mission to lift as she climbs to new heights and empower professional women to live a life of great purpose by providing expert coaching, bestselling books, access to her luxurious S.O.A.R. Lifestyle brand, and upcoming curated experiences that will serve women who desire to live the life of their dreams NOW.

S.O.A.R. Lifestyle candles have already caught the attention of Major National Retailers. Tiffany and her dynamic team (Publicist Dr. Nakita Davis, Distributor/Supplier/Core Staff)  look forward to exploring the exciting possibilities and strengthening collaborative efforts in the upcoming months. 

Expect to see and hear more about this Powerhouse entrepreneur and SOAR Strategist: Tiffany R. Easley.


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