Meet Sophie, Entrepreneur and Spiritual Coach of Shamanic Practices and Psychic Healing

Sophie Jing Su

Hey, I’m Sophie Jing Su, known as Sophie
I am a spiritual coach focused on shamanic practices and psychic healing and the founder of Love Care Share. Since I was a kid, I’ve been into metaphysics, which is like exploring deep stuff about existence.

Back then, I didn’t believe in anything, so I decided to try out everything on my own. After 12 years of learning and practicing, I figured out that I was meant to be a Shaman. That’s why, in 2007, I started my own holistic spa company in Geneva, Switzerland.

It’s all about helping people heal, both their bodies and souls. Now in my 40s, I continue to elevate my practice, focusing on the people with precious souls seeking holistic healing, self-development, and manifestation of great success in their relationships, business, and health. I trust that life will always give us the best when we truly align our soul, mind and body.

A great business comes from an idea, but when there is no soul and no grind, it is also missing the essence to reach excellence. I’ve worked with lots of clients from all over the world.

I often travel to places like Dubai, Asia, the US, and Canada to teach and speak about what I do. I offer services like spiritual healing and clairvoyance, and I also have training programs focused on shamanic practices and empowering women through tantric methods.

How did you first discover your interest in shamanic practice and psychic healing?

I was very spiritual since I was a kid, I prayed daily by calling my ancestors to heal and help me to go through any difficult moment in life. I didn’t know what I was doing but I was doing it right.

Sophie, Can you share a brief overview of what shamanic practice entails for someone who may be new to the concept?

Traditionally, a shaman is a spiritual practitioner who is an intermediary between the human and spirit realms. Shamans are found in various cultures worldwide, and their practices often involve rituals, ceremonies, and trance-like states to connect with spiritual entities or energies to heal humans and nature. They use valuable information to help the Earth’s evolution and manifest miracles.

What inspired you to become a spiritual coach specializing in shamanic techniques?

In my adolescent years at 16, the challenges of navigating the demanding educational landscape in China led me to grapple with thoughts of suicide. Subsequently, as I entered my early 20s, my first marriage exposed me to the painful reality of domestic violence. The weight of these experiences intensified when I faced the loss of my mother.

At that time, despite running my own business, the foundations of my world crumbled under the weight of unhealed and accumulated traumas. Amidst the devastation, a pivotal moment occurred when a whisper within urged me to listen to my inner voice. It was then that my spiritual holistic power emerged, transforming my life lessons into a source of strength.

These adversities, rather than breaking me, became the catalyst for unlocking my innate abilities. Today, I find myself naturally embodying the roles of a shaman and a psychic, empowered by the superhuman strength derived from these profound life experiences.

How do you explain the connection between shamanic practices and psychic healing to those unfamiliar with these concepts?

Shamanic practices and psychic healing, rooted in ancient spiritual traditions, share a common character through their emphasis on the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

In shamanism, practitioners, known as shamans, engage in rituals to communicate with the spirit world and harness the power of nature, enter trance states for spirit world journeys to different realms to search for information, heal, and make sure the messages and energy will help the clients to open to a new perspective. Shamans must have abilities to work with subtle energies and bring holistic well-being to the clients.

From my perspective, all the healing methods we are using today come from shamanic practices as it is the most ancient knowledge from human history, such as psychic healing, tarot cards, Reiki, mediumships or crystal healing were found in our tradition.

For someone seeking spiritual guidance, how would you describe the benefits of incorporating shamanic practices into their daily life?

Incorporating shamanic practices cultivates inner strength, resilience, self-confidence, purpose, and manifestation, offering a holistic approach to well-being.

Incorporating shamanic practices into daily life offers profound spiritual benefits. Emphasizing a deep connection with nature, these practices involve rituals and time spent outdoors, fostering harmony and interconnectedness. Accessing altered states of consciousness, provides spiritual insights, clarity, and a deeper understanding of one’s life purpose.

Integrating daily energy practices, like meditation, aids in balancing energy fields, addressing emotional blockages, and promoting overall well-being. Creating rituals aligned with shamanic principles, such as meditation or intention setting, establishes anchors for spiritual growth amid daily demands.

Could you provide an example of a successful case where your guidance and spiritual coaching had a positive impact on someone’s life?

I had a client who suffered pain in his body for more than 5 years. Basically, he was in bed all the time, and after our session, he got up the day after the session, felt a huge release of pain, and joined his daughter’s wedding one week later, he even started to work as a delivery man after a few shamanic psychic surgeries within three months.

His issues were more related to energy possessions which were rooted in his both legs, so his whole body could not move easily.

How do you approach blending ancient shamanic traditions with modern spiritual needs in your coaching sessions?

In my coaching sessions, I seamlessly integrate ancient shamanic traditions with contemporary spiritual needs by recognizing the universal principles that underpin both.

By bridging the gap between the ancient and the modern, I create a holistic coaching experience that resonates with individuals seeking a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them.

This approach aims to empower clients to navigate life’s challenges with resilience, tap into their innate wisdom, and cultivate a profound sense of spiritual fulfillment.

What advice would you give to individuals interested in exploring shamanic practice and psychic healing for personal growth and well-being?

For individuals eager to embark on a journey of shamanic practice and psychic healing as a means of fostering personal growth and well-being, I offer the following guidance:

1. Begin with an Open Mind. 
2. Educate Yourself.
3. Connect with Nature.
4. Explore Meditation and Mindfulness.
5. Find a Mentor or Guide.
6. Practice Rituals and Ceremony. 
7. Trust Your Intuition.   
8. Embrace Healing Modalities.  
9. Maintain a Journal. 
10. Practice Self-Compassion.

Remember, the path of shamanic practice and psychic healing is deeply personal. Take the time to discover what resonates with you, and allow the journey to unfold organically as you cultivate a greater sense of well-being and personal growth.

Please tell us about your success and achievements.

I’ve successfully worked with lots of clients from all over the world and conducted numerous online training sessions for shamanic practices and psychic healing, benefiting over 40,000 individuals globally, and have facilitated healing sessions for more than 10,000 international clients.

My WeChat channel has recently surpassed 2 million views, while my YouTube content has garnered over 650,000 views.

You can make an appointment with Sophie:

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