Therese Plummer: A Story of Triumph, Resilience, and Inspiring Others

Therese Plummer

Therese Plummer is an extraordinary individual whose life took a dramatic turn on June 11, 2021, when she survived a devastating head-on collision caused by a drunk driver. In the aftermath of the accident, Therese had to relearn how to walk and adapt to living with a permanently altered body.

However, through this challenging journey, she discovered a newfound strength, indomitable spirit, and the unwavering support of her community. Therese’s experience has transformed her perspective, allowing her to find humor in the face of adversity and share her story as a powerful advocate against drunk driving.

In this article, we delve into Therese Plummer’s remarkable journey, her thoughts on the future of the audiobook industry, her recent favorite TV series, and her latest releases as a renowned audiobook narrator.

Who is Therese Plummer and what should everyone know about her?

“Inside all of us is Hope.
Inside all of us is Fear.
Inside all of us is Adventure.
Inside all of us is… A Wild Thing.”
‘Where The Wild Things Are’.

Many things have changed for all of us the past few years, what has
changed for you?

June 11, 2021 I survived a head on collision by a drunk driver. It’s been 18 months and I have had to learn how to walk again and live with a permanently altered body.

I have learned more about my spirit, strength and the absolute love of my community in a way I am not sure I would have had this accident not happened. I have found another layer to my sense of humor that has allowed me to survive and thrive a day at a time.

I have been able to take what happened to me and speak at High Schools around the NJ area. If I can help one kid not drink and drive it is worth it to me.

In your opinion, what does the future of the audiobook industry look like?

I want to believe that creative and talented actors will continue performing
stories. AI is now a part of the industry but will never be able to replicate a
human’s ability to emote and bring life to characters the way real humans

Are there any books, movies, TV series or similar that have stood out to
you recently and what about them has?

I have been watching Abbott Elementary and love it. It’s an accurate portrayal of the public school system but also the gems of teachers who stay and encourage and inspire because teaching is their passion. I laugh out loud every episode.

I love when a topic that is depressing or bleak is faced head on and the humor comes through. In my opinion, humor has been the absolute catalyst in us surviving life.

Are there any recent or upcoming releases of yours to highlight?

Murder at Haven’s Rock Book 1 by Kelley Armstrong narrated by yours truly and
produced at Macmillian Audio. I also have been writing and narrating small
videos on my IG @plummertherese!

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