Port De La Mer from Meraas – What Makes Foreigners Come To The Neighborhood?

Port De La Mer from Meraas

Contrary to conventional wisdom, fossil fuels account for less than 1% of Dubai’s GDP, while tourism accounts for nearly 20%. Dubai’s fast-growing real estate sector plays a crucial role in pushing the emirate to the top position.

The high-quality infrastructure and exceptional level of life make foreigners pay attention to Port de La Mer – an ideal destination for residents of other countries. Property prices in Port de La Mer are absolutely affordable, especially in terms of resort location and uniqueness of designs.

What else attracts ex-pats to the neighborhood? Why do they prefer to invest in real estate in Port de La Mer? The readers will find out the answers in this article.

Port de La Mer in facts and numbers

Port de La Mer is a new upscale residential complex that features its own infrastructure and a number of amenities.

To understand the area better, here is a list of important facts and numbers about Port de La Mer:

  • It is located within a 10-minute drive to the popular Burj Khalifa and Pearl Jumeirah Island
  • The property in the district is constructed in the Mediterranean style
  • Stylish apartments of different footage are available for sale
  • Apartments are represented in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-bedroom constructions
  • The price starts at AED 1,380,000 for a one-bedroom apartment; in dollars – from 376,000.

Significant benefits of Port de La Mer

Developed infrastructure

There is a marina and yacht club, waterfront, stores, trendy boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, as well as 4-star and 5-star hotels, spas and fitness centers.

Amenities will complement access to a private beach, gorgeous pools, outdoor parks and playgrounds for children, private landscaped terraces, and more. The central podium, plazas, and bridges make Port de La Mer a truly unforgettable experience.

Rapid capital growth and high investment return

Developers in the Port de La Mer are looking for new benchmarks, creating monumental architectural masterpieces that provide investors and consumers with long-term opportunities for reliable returns over time. In 2021, Dubai ranked third among the world’s best cities with the fastest capital growth recorded at 17%.

In addition, the government announced innovations in visa issuance, which attracted attention from investors from all over the world, including “golden visas”, “green visas” and visas for freelancers. Such close attention of the whole world to Dubai makes each neighborhood especially interesting and alluring.

Tranquility and security

The whole world noticed how quickly and efficiently the country coped with the pandemic and managed to revive the economy, reviving investor interest. International investors were also attracted to Dubai and the UAE when they compared how well the pandemic was handled here compared to some European countries.

By buying real estate in Port de La Mer you will have a quiet place to hide from the world`s problems and will live a happy life in one of the stunning places.

The peculiarities of investing in real estate in Port de La Mer

Port De La Mer is a great opportunity to invest in real estate on the azure coast of the Persian Gulf. It is the first freehold community in Jumeirah 1 to offer luxury Mediterranean-style apartments in low-rise buildings. Annual rental income in Port De La Mer is 7-8%.

In recent years the area of La Mer has become a popular destination for Dubai residents and tourists. Thanks to the excellent conditions and convenient location this area will be in high demand among investors, buyers, and tenants.

The UAE has introduced new reporting requirements for “certain real estate transactions” conducted in the country to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. This and other rational and thoughtful approaches are implemented by the government to provide security of a deal to both sides.

The key outcomes

Even if you have no desire to purchase real estate in Port de La Mer for permanent residence or for investing and getting income, the area is definitely worth visiting. Come to the district and enjoy premium properties, sparkling buildings, green paths, and a peaceful atmosphere.

For buying apartments in Post de La Mer it is advisable to contact a real estate agency. Ax Capital is waiting for the inquiry on the website to answer all your questions and provide an in-depth consultation. Do not hesitate to ask.

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