Meet Erik Petrosyan: The Master of Mobile Lifestyle

Erik Petrosyan

Today, knowledge is the real source of power. But is school or college the best place to acquire the necessary knowledge? Young people have been told for generations that the only way to do well in life is to work hard in school and go and pursue further education or college.

Most people still think getting a formal education is the first step to making progress and success, but Erik Petrosyan doesn’t think that’s true.

College is the way to be successful, but there are other ways. Petrosyan says, “I went to college and got a bachelor’s degree in accounting, but what I do now has nothing to do with my degree.

And it’s not just me.” Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, etc., all dropped out of college and made it big. The other thing they have in common is that they were willing to do anything to make their dream come true.”

In 2020, Erik Petrosyan started his business as a freight broker. EPB Logistics, Inc. grew and became worth millions of dollars while the business was under his leadership.

He knows how to run a business, which seems like a simple reason for his success. Petrosyan says, “It’s the most important skill to have if you want to start a venture. It would be best to acquire it before starting a business if you don’t already have it.

Mentors can provide a lot of value, but you can also learn a lot from what you do on your own. Mistakes might hurt more with the latter, but you’ll also learn more.”

Petrosyan would advise people to start out in business as employees. Entrepreneurs who learn the ropes of the profession get valuable hands-on experience and a better understanding of all the processes they’ll have to handle when they become leaders.

“Working your way up” is a common phrase for a reason. It makes sense from a practical point of view and can help the people in charge understand how the business works.

Erik Petrosyan has a lot of advice for folks who are just getting started in the business. On a more practical note, he always advises clients to save enough money to last six months in case they are not paid for the first six months. Petrosyan shows in his book how vital it is to have the appropriate mindset.

Entrepreneurs frequently work long hours and on new ventures on top of their regular careers. That means you cannot relax. It also entails being intellectually and emotionally prepared to deal with the difficulties that come with being an entrepreneur.

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