Creative Storage For Under The Stairs

Creative Storage For Under The Stairs

The space under the stairs is often overlooked and can be wasted space. Typically, you will find yourself putting things there that do not have anywhere else to go in your home. 

This space can be utilized in several different and creative ways that will benefit your whole household. 

Add a downstairs toilet

Mornings can be chaotic if you have multiple people trying to get out the door at the same time. One of the biggest bottlenecks is bathroom usage. If this is an issue for your household, then you may want to add a downstairs bathroom under the stairs.

Not only will this help to ease congestion in the mornings, but it will add value to your home should you come to sell it. The average amount to add a downstairs bathroom is £1250 but will add around 5% to your overall property value. 

Add a wardrobe

Many houses struggle to store coats, bags, and shoes in a way that is practical yet keeps them out of sight. It is common to find coats flung over the banisters and shoes littering the hallway.

By turning the space under the stairs into a wardrobe you will be able to keep your outdoor clothes neat and tidy. Depending on the size of the space, you could add a cubby hole for each family member.

This is a great place to store backpacks, school shoes, and lunchboxes and ensures that they are easy to grab on your way out of the door. 

Create a home office space

With people regularly working from home, having a dedicated office space is essential for your productivity and mental health. In a busy home, it is not feasible to turn an entire room into a home office. 

Install a desk, some shelves, and a comfy chair under the stairs and you have a perfectly compact home office. You could think about a multifunctional desk that has built-in storage for any paperwork and files you need to reference. 

Remember to think about strategic lighting if it is in a bit of a dark corner. You may want to have lights embedded in the ceiling as well as a desk lamp to keep you from straining your eyes. 

Extreme storage

One of the compromises about having children is having an invasion of toys take over your house. Sometimes there is never enough storage for toys as you want to be able to put them away and have some grown-up time once the kids are in bed.

Using the space under the stairs as extreme toy storage allows you to close the door and enjoy your home as adults rather than parents.

You could organize toys into categories such as dinosaurs, cars, dolls, and blocks. Keep them in bins that are labeled as well as having a corresponding label on the shelf itself. This helps little ones to keep toys organized as well. 

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