From Meme Accounts to Media Ties: Eric Luechter

Eric Luechter

As anyone trying to grow their brand you probably have come to the conclusion that people talking about you is the best form of marketing, but it’s hard to get going. Eric Luechter changes that and gets the media talking about your brand. How you may ask? Luechter has been building up his connections in the media for the past year and a half, from TV media companies to radio company representatives and even billboard owners. 

Eric Luechter, has been an entrepreneur since he was 12, reselling iPhones on second-hand markets and growing his meme accounts on Instagram. Right before he would start high school he would have a total network of over 470,000 followers, at just 14.

He grew his pages through a mix of account optimization, shout-out for shout-out campaigns, and a couple of other tricks.

Right before his freshman year would start he realized how valuable his knowledge is to businesses and decided to start offer organic Instagram account growth, being able to grow some of his accounts as much as 5,000 followers a week. 

“When I sold all my Instagram pages I had something like $4,000 USD to play with, so I decided to start up an agency. Since I did a lot of shout-out for shout-out campaigns with other Instagram pages that had lots of followers I would pay them for a spot in the campaigns so my client would grow. All the pages participating had 100,000-500,000 followers and there would usually be 50 participating so 3,000 followers per campaign was the normal amount of growth. 3,000 followers really isn’t much when you have 500,000 but to a small business with 800 followers it is a lot.”

How come you stopped offering Instagram growth?

“I didn’t have any other knowledge or connections at the time so it was my only choice. I eventually started getting more and more connected with people who were also marketers, I became good friends with someone offering public relations so I moved on to it and never looked back. However, if a client does need Instagram growth I could still provide it just not as quickly as I could a year and a half ago.”

“I’m also a firm believer Instagram will die out within the next 3-5 years and TikTok or a different short-form content app will be the most popular social media platform by a mile. However, something like Google is so essential, it has been around for 25 years and I highly doubt it’ll die out any time soon, so in my opinion, investing in your Google presence as a business is significantly better. “

Eric Luechter clearly has experience and knowledge in social media marketing as well as public relations, he is also extremely knowledgeable for his age. If you are looking to work with Luechter you can visit his website and https://www.luechter.com.

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