Top 8 University Activities to do Before Graduation

University Activities to do Before Graduation

Have you ever been through a situation where you regret not doing a certain thing at a particular phase of your life? Well! We all have been through this situation; sometimes this regret is about not living our life enough and sometimes it is about wasting our time and losing direction.

Regret of not being able to complete your assignment on time can be compensated by taking British assignment writers assistance but the regret of missing out leaves a certain apprehension behind. 

If you don’t want to feel this uneasiness for the rest of your life then take your tab out and start putting down your bucket list. This bucket list is going to be for the students who are about to enroll in graduate programs or are already in it.

This bucket list might vary from taking Medical assignment help to going on a trip with your friends. The following are some of the highlighting points that you must add to your wish list to leave no regrets in life. 

Top 8 University Activities to do Before Graduation

University is much more than a platform that is going to give you a degree; it is a place where you are going to live four years of your life and are going to make a lot of good plus bad memories.

It is the place that is going to show you the best times of your life plus will throw the biggest challenges in your face. In short; it is the place of education, experience, memories, and whatnot.

If you are in university and have not done any of the following things then it’s time otherwise you are gonna regret it later on.

1. Be a Part Of The Campus Club

Every college or universe has certain clubs in different areas and fields varying from music to drama to sports, etc. Look into all these clubs and choose the one that seems to be the club of your interest.

If you are interested in music then go to the music club, etc. You are going to make some amazing friends and some cherishing memories by joining your university’s campus club.

2. Have a Group Study

Studying is just an excuse the main fun is of having to study with your fellows. When you and your group of closest friends decide to make a project or prepare for exams together then it is not only going to be productive but will also be an enjoyable experience. You will get to learn more things in unique ways while studying with your fellows.

3. Do Internships

When you apply for a job after graduation, the next thing that the employer is going to ask you for is your work experience. In such a situation, you might feel a little naïve about him that how they can ask for a working experience if you have just graduated from your college.

Well! It is because they are looking for an internship that you might have done during your course of study. Many internship programs are offered in every field that can add up to your resume and will help you in grabbing great jobs. 

4. Go on a Road Trip With Friends

If you want to make lasting memories with your friends then go on a road trip with your friends. It is the one dream that every student has but only some manage to fulfill it and the rest of them keep regretting not being able to go on a road trip for the rest of their lives. This is why take the first chance and gather your all pocket money to make cherishing memories. 

5. Attend College Events

Multiple events are held at colleges; sometimes these events are plays while sometimes they are sports events. You might not want to attend all the events but attend at least some of them. This will make you feel connected with your college and your fellow students a little more. In addition to that; it is going to be fun.

6. Learn the Basics of Cooking

Cooking is like painting or music as painting has so many colors and music has so many notes; similarly, cooking has so many flavors and your combination of flavors is going to set it apart.

It is one such skill that is going to be helpful for every phase of your life so if you have got time then why not learn it or at least learn some basics of it for your survival?

7. Do Something Adventurous

Try what you have never tried before. Go for scuba diving, water diving, sky gliding, and other such experiences. This will give you a thrill and an unforgettable memory.

Only youth have the zest to do something adventurous or risky. Once you have set your step into professional life then you won’t be able to experience any such adventures as you will be bound by responsibilities.  

8. Start a Blog or Make a Journal

What is the one way to relive all the memories that you cherish? It is by saving them in the form of photographs and the icing on the cake will be explaining what is happening in the photograph. So; make a journal or a blog to save all those memories that are near to your heart and that you think will give you happy tears whenever you will look back.

In 1995, the internet was born; so was generation Z. Generation Z students fill our classrooms, campus programs, and residence halls (Grace, 2017). So; this generation would most likely prefer blog writing over journal writing. 


As not all entrepreneurs are the same with similar objectives (, 2022), similarly not all students have the same ambitions. But we all have a certain bucket; sometimes it is in the written form and sometimes we have it in the back of our minds.

If you are doing graduation and you don’t want to feel like you are missing something in life then add the above-mentioned points to your bucket list to make your college life free of any regrets. 

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