5 Ways to Make Money in the Sports Industry

Ways to Make Money in the Sports Industry

Whether you’re looking to start your career, or make a career change and upskill, the choice of where to specialise can be daunting.

A great option, however, is the sports industry. With global revenues projected to grow from $486B to $623B in 2027, this is the perfect industry to make your mark.

Sports are a part of the everyday life of almost everyone on Earth, so to work in this industry gives you a never-ending supply of clients and customers, and career progression opportunities that are almost unlimited.

This article will take you through five profitable options for your career in the sports industry.

1. Sports Journalism

There is no lack of ordinary people wanting to know more about their favourite teams and sports stars.

For those with an existing undergraduate qualification, a Master’s of Sports Journalism is an excellent place to refine your writing skills and kickstart a potential career in the sports industry.

From meeting your idols on the field and broadcasting their words to fans to analysing the performance of top-ranked teams, sports journalism is a broad career that can be both lucrative and rewarding. 

In addition, almost every major publication includes a dedicated sports section, so wherever you end up in journalism there will be a place for your passion for sports to shine through.

Journalism isn’t just a career for those who like being in front of the camera, however. Opportunities in this industry can also include copywriting, editing, and further careers in communications and marketing.

2. Sports Photography

Closely related to sports journalism is sports photography. For those whose vacation snaps impress and astound, sports photography is a great way to be involved in the action of professional sports.

Requiring only your own skills and a camera, this is a great, accessible way to make money in the sports industry. 

Work closely with sports journalists to record the crucial moments of every game, and enjoy being on the sidelines for your favourite sports with sports photography.

3. Sports Therapy

For those playing professional sports, the risk of injury can be high, so proper healthcare is paramount. It’s for this reason that sports therapy is third on our list of money-making sports industry careers.

Sports healthcare is an accessible career path, usually only requiring a single specialised qualification to work as a sports therapist.

This career is not only limited to treating professional athletes, however. Over 65,000 Australians were hospitalised due to sports injuries in 2020-21, and for most of these injuries, a sports therapist will be the main professional that can assist with recovery.

Take the opportunity to find yourself ensuring both professional athletes and regular people stay as healthy and successful as possible with a career in sports therapy.

4. Event Coordination

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, live sports events have come back in a big way, with the NFL alone showing an increase by more than 2 million viewers between 2019  and 2022.

No sports association of this scale can operate smoothly without talented event coordinators working behind the scenes to plan, execute, advertise and safely run events and matches.

You’ll find yourself working with safety coordinators, marketing professionals, league and team representatives, and more.

If ensuring that events play out without error is a skill of yours, then consider moving into event coordination and making major sports events around the globe enjoyable, and exciting experiences for fans.

5. Referee

You likely already know the rules and regulations of your favourite sport down to the finest details, so a great option to work in the sports industry is to take a job as a referee.

Be a part of a team that ensures games are played fairly, and upholds the spirit of the sports you already love.

As a referee, you’ll be responsible for ensuring players’ safety, watching for any rule-breaking, and quickly responding and making the final decision if something goes wrong.

You’ll be the final decider of what is right and what is wrong in a game, making this a position with high responsibilities, but also great rewards both personally and financially, especially at the level of professional competitions..

Last Words

If sports have always fascinated and excited you, but the barrier to entry as an athlete has been too high, there are numerous other opportunities for lucrative work in the sports industry.

The matter of how far you go is up to you, so do your research, choose a path that speaks to you, and stay committed to both your career and yourself.

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