Sydney Couple Claims to Have Created Australia’s Most Comfortable Underwear for Men

Comfortable Underwear for Men

A husband-and-wife team from Australia has designed, manufactured, and brought to market what they claim is the most comfortable underwear for men.

outTHERE underwear is a newly launched brand of anti-chafing underwear that promises to eliminate common complaints that men have with their innerwear.

The innovation that outTHERE brings to the table is a uniquely designed pouch that allows men’s anatomy to sit as naturally as possible with decent support. The result is underwear they can wear all day and night, without restriction or any chafing or sweating.

outTHERE cofounder James talks about the product’s design by saying, “The anti-chafing underwear contains a unique inner pocket of fabric that cradles the genitals for optimal comfort and breathability.

This pouch allows the male anatomy to sit as naturally as possible while still being supported. It was designed to eliminate the feeling of being squashed and the need for re-adjusting.

There are no hidden cups, straps, or flaps and there is no lifting, rubbing, or pressing against the body. It’s the best underwear for sweaty balls! Better yet, the pouch is completely undetectable, even under tight jeans.

The inner fabric pocket is truly the best solution to the problem that we originally set out to solve. We are excited for men all around the world to try it out.”

outTHERE underwear offers briefs in two choices of different premium materials to cater to all shapes and sizes. The company’s Relaxed Brief is a thinner, lighter material that creates a looser, casual fit.

The Classic Cotton option is slightly thicker and more supportive, for a firmer fit. Both options ship in 5 sizes – XS, S, M, L, and XL. The Relaxed Brief, which has a fabric composition of 94% viscose-rayon and 6% spandex, is available in Black, White, and Grey.

The Class Cotton Brief, composed of 93% combed cotton and 7% elastane, is available in either Black or White. Both versions of the low-rise briefs feature a 30 mm high-quality jacquard waistband with a repeated outTHERE logo.

When asked about the story behind the creation of outTHERE, cofounder Louise says, “James struggled to find comfortable underwear for decades. So, when he decided to create his own, I was completely on board.

We worked together and settled on the current pouched design. James is the primary customer for his own product and when he was happy with the results, we knew that we had found a winner.

For the manufacturing of the product, we insisted on only using the most luxurious Australian fabrics that are super comfortable, moisture-wicking, and breathable.

We also prioritised the ethical sourcing and manufacturing of outTHERE underwear, as we wanted the product to fully represent what we stand for as a proudly Australian business.

Visit our website to find out more and order our cotton or relaxed pouch briefs today. We offer free shipping for orders over $75. Online orders ship fast because of our fully local operations.”

Several customers online have praised outTHERE underwear’s unique design. The many 5-star reviews it has received from men of all ages share just how transformative the experience was to them.

One reviewer says, “After years of wearing uncomfortable and unsupportive underwear I’ve finally found the perfect solution. I was buying tight cup compressions as they were my only option until now. Best jocks I’ve ever worn.”

Another testimonial from TrustPilot says, “I don’t usually like change when it comes to my underwear having worn the same style briefs for many years.

But when my fiancé ordered me a few pairs of outTHERE underwear, I couldn’t help but take the leap and load up on a few more pairs.

Extremely comfortable for all occasions including workouts with no chafing and plenty of support for the boys without squashing them. I love supporting Australian products. So, this was a no-brainer for me. Great customer service!”

Readers can contact outTHERE underwear for inquiries at or purchase underwear on its website

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