Branded Promotional Badges – Insights For Businesses and Organisations

Branded Promotional Badges

The use of branded promotional items such as badges is a great strategy to market a business or organization. The aim is to expose the brand name to many people by giving the targeted audience attractive badges to wear or display on various surfaces. 

The strategy of using branded promotional badges requires a meticulous approach by the marketing team, who should work with a reputable custom badge seller.

If this is what you want for your business or organization, there is a lot to learn, and this article will guide you. It will cover detailed insights about these products to help you make the right decisions. 

What Are Branded Promotional Badges?

If you are in business or manage an organization, you might know what promotional badges are. These are typically small buttons that are printed with a company logo or name and are attached to clothes, bags, or other surfaces by use of a pin.

Promotional badges are used to market and promote a brand; hence, they are given to users who are supposed to wear them to increase the brand visibility. 

Promotional badge makers use a variety of materials to suit different budgets and target audiences.

However, what is important when designing promotional badges is customizing them with your business’s or organization’s colors, logo design, and message. So, take note of this when coming up with bespoke designs for your business. 

Types of Promotional Badges

The list of promotional badges can be long because manufacturers and printers have become very innovative today. Actually, you can order bespoke designs to suit your intended brand promotional strategy or target market.

However, there are some popular types of badges that you can base your design on. Here are the common types.

Pin badges 

You can simply call them pin-back badges. They are relatively small badges with a pin at the back to fasten them on clothes or bags. They are perfect for companies and organizations that want promotional badges in the shape of their logo.

As such, they can be used at corporate events and conferences or by employees to display the logo of the company. They can be made of metal, enamel, or even high-quality PVC. 

Button badges 

If you are new to promotional badges, you might not know the difference between pin badges and button badges. However, there is a big difference between them.

Button promotional badges are generally large and made of light materials such as metal alloys and PVC.

They have a safety pin at the back to fasten them on clothes and bags. These promotions are best for young audiences such as school kids, hikers, and the like. 

PVC badges

As a business or organisation, you can make PVC badges for your employees to display their name, position, and company logo. Therefore, they can be large because PVC material is very light.

Additionally, you can make smaller PVC badges for conference attendees, students, and other target markets.

The badges also have a pin to fasten them on clothes and other surfaces. Additionally, they are affordable for the business because the materials are cheap. 

Enamel badges 

Just as the name suggests, these are promotional badges made of an enamel coating on a metal surface. Therefore, these are premium badges with a fine finish, commonly used in the corporate world.

As such, many pin badges mentioned earlier are made of metal and enamel. Accordingly, they are usually small and mostly shaped after the company or organization logo.

Custom enamel badges can be expensive, which is why they should be distributed carefully to promote the intended brand. 

Embroidered badges 

This is another commonly branded badge used to promote brands among young people, hikers and campers, fashion lovers, and many other target audiences. They are made of fabric with embroidered details.

They can be sewn on fabric or attached using velcro tape. Just like other badges, these are cheap, making them very suitable to promote a starting business. 

How to Design Promotional Badges

The biggest concern many businesses and organizations have is how to design effective badges. Fortunately, this is a simple process, especially when you choose to work with a professional branded badge maker. 

The first step is to identify a reputable custom badge seller who can help with the design, works efficiently, and does high-quality printing.

Quality products are important to encourage users to wear the badges to expose the brand. The good thing is that many promotional badge sellers can deliver without fail. 

Before sitting down with the expert to discuss your design, you should have an idea of what you want for your company. Do you want enamel pin badges shaped after your logo, or do you want large PVC badges with printed information? Perhaps, your budget can guide you on what to go for. 

From here, you can now customize the design and printed message for your badge. Some sellers guide their clients through a catalog while others just discuss the design and make the badges. Regardless, ensure that every detail has significance in your brand promotion. 

When the design is ready, you can order the number of badges you want and pay, and the seller will process them before shipping the badges.

Always work with a seller that can ship within a specific time to avoid delays, especially if you need to distribute the badges at a specific time.

How to Use Promotional Badges

There are many ways to use promotional badges to yield the intended results. Basically, different types of badges can be used differently. For now, here is a simple guide on how to distribute them.

  • Give them to employees – Business and organization employees are important brand ambassadors. Therefore, you can make them badges and ensure they wear them while working or even everywhere else depending on the type of badges.

    For instance, many corporate employees wear pin badges on their suits, jackets, and dresses even when going home to increase the exposure of their brand.

    Furthermore, employees at food outlets also wear such badges with their names and company logo on them. So, let your employees promote your brand through badges before targeting other audiences. 
  • Give them to event and conference attendees – Is there an event or conference that you are sponsoring? If yes, then you can use promotional badges to promote your brand.

    Give everyone a badge with your business or organization logo and name so that they can wear it while attending the event and even beyond this. According to marketing experts, such initiatives may not yield immediate results, but you can feel the impact later. 
  • Give them to your customers – Another great way to use promotional badges is to give them to customers. This could be in your outlet or that of your partner companies.

    They could be given as gifts for purchases, loyalty, and the like. Take your time to guide your customers on how to use the badges such as wearing them on their clothes or sticking them on their bags and other surfaces. With this, you can rest assured that the badges will be effective.

Benefits of Promotional Badges

We all know the most obvious benefit of promotional badges, don’t we? These badges are best at exposing the brand to as many people as possible. But let us look at the benefits in detail.

Brand visibility

If you are using promotional badges with your company logo and name, then the biggest benefit is brand exposure. Many people are likely to see your business logo as people wear or show the badges on their bags.

This is why the badge should be colorful, attractive, and have visible details. They should also be durable so that people can wear them for a long time to increase the visibility of your company’s or organization’s brand. 

Brand recognition

Do you want potential customers to consider your brand superior? Then you need to distribute as many badges as possible.

When one potential customer sees many people wearing badges with your logo, they will trust the company and gain confidence to buy from you. Brand recognition is a great weapon to survive the competitive market perfectly.

Brand loyalty

Another important purpose of customized branded promotional badges is to increase brand loyalty.

First, people who are drawn to wear the badges will become loyal to your brand, while the potential clients who see people wear them will also become loyal. Although badges are simple, they are likely to increase loyalty to a certain brand.

Perfect gifts

All promotional items are perfect gifts for your loyal customers as well as potential customers you want to entice. As mentioned, you can give them out at your shop or anywhere else as long as they will be significant to the target audience.

So, ensure that your badges are good enough to be appreciated as appealing gifts by your audience, who will indeed wear them.


The use of promotional badges has become widespread among businesses and organizations because they are effective, as we can see. It is an affordable yet very effective strategy, making it a good option for new and seasoned businesses alike.

With all the shared insights, you now know a lot about these items and can gladly deploy them in your business or organization.

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