All You Should Know About a Covert Plate Carrier

Covert Plate Carrier

A plate carrier, often referred to as a ballistic plate carrier, is a piece of tactical gear that, when used in conjunction with ballistic plates, serves as body armour or a “bulletproof” vest.

The military, police, and other tactical forces typically get covert plate carriers to protect them from numerous blows and drop them in an emergency. To accommodate a range of potential threats, you can get covert plate carrier vests available in various designs and sizes.

Depending on your operation, area, or circumstances, you can select from various types, ranging from lightweight tactical body armour for clandestine and plainclothes operations to more robust tactical armour for defence against high velocity, large calibre rifle fire.

Is it worth it to have a plate carrier?

Lightweight tactical vests called plate carriers may fit a variety of ballistic plates, greatly enhancing their level of personal protection.

Governmental, armed forces and law enforcement organisations ultimately rely on the strongest available security measures. Plate carriers are the most flexible form of defence that may be used on the battlefield. This vest can be altered to be worn in very tough situations. 

As part of your equipment set, additional pouches can be configured to carry extra magazines, torches, grenades, and other supplies.

Wearing ballistic protection may be advantageous in military situations such as sentry tasks, vehicle checks, mout (military missions in urban terrain), close-quarters combat, and rapid response force missions. In most cases, you are a clear target, a recurring theme.

Compared to bulletproof vests, which provide protection from low-calibre firearms, plate carriers offer superior protection against high-level threats, including rifle bullets like 7.62mm full metal jacket rounds, in the front, from the neck to the waist, as well as in the back. 

These rounds are even more deadly because they may be fired from assault weapons and sniper rifles, which can use this kind of ammo. 

Plate carriers can potentially weigh more than bulletproof vests because of the total weight of the plates inside the carrier. Despite the plate’s potential size, its security will ultimately make it worthwhile to pay.

Does The army allow wearing a plate carrier?

The army frequently forbids the use of plate carriers and non-issued body armour. It depends on the unit, though. You can wear whatever you want in some task forces. Everybody has their own plate carriers in some other units, and the army commander or unit headsets their rules, whether formal or not.

Can a Plate Carrier Be Carried on a Flight?

Both local and international travel is subject to different restrictions depending on the destination, with even more differences for some countries. Every country has its own set of laws and norms about body armour. 

You should research the laws, legality, and any applicable body armour regulations of the country or countries you intend to go to. You might be able to board the plane even if the country you’re visiting forbids civilians from possessing body armour, but you might encounter difficulties there. 

Even if civilians are allowed to wear body armour in that country, travel regulations may forbid it. Careful planning might help you avoid problems in the first place.

Are Wearing Plate Carriers Allowed in Public?

Body armour is one type of safety gear. The nation’s body armour laws govern whether wearing it publicly is legal. In most countries, all law-abiding people are allowed to purchase and use body armour in public for personal or professional purposes. Everyone has the right to protect their family and themselves.

Body armour often requires no additional documentation or background checks when worn in public. You are responsible for determining whether purchasing and using body armour is authorised under local laws.

Do Plates Come with Plate Carriers?

Body armour plates are typically not included with plate carriers. They must be ordered separately. However, it’s great that such a wide selection of body armour plates is available.

Lightweight foam plates are available that are great for training and can protect you from paintballs or bbs. Additionally, there are steel plates that can decelerate and, presumably, prevent a real bullet from getting through the body. Anything that falls somewhere in the middle is also available.

Final Thoughts

Plate carriers are a vital gear component for people who need protection in dangerous circumstances. Plate carriers can be made to fit a variety of purposes and preferences and are available in a variety of sizes and forms. 

Steel and ceramic are both choices for the plates that can be utilised in the carrier. In life-threatening situations, plate carriers give an extra layer of protection that can significantly improve safety.

To maintain readiness and effectiveness in the field, selecting a plate carrier that fits well and is pleasant to wear is critical. As a result, always do your research before you decide to buy the best plate carrier for your needs.

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