Investment in American Property

Investment in American Property

For many who decide to buy property abroad, there is no doubt in choosing a country for such an investment, the United States.

In all of America, houses or villas for sale in Florida are in the highest demand among foreigners. In this state, 26% of sales made in the US are to foreigners.

What Motivates Enterprising Non-US Residents to Purchase Residential and Commercial Real Estate in the States?

Analysts expect a demographic boom in Florida soon; their forecasts are not without foundation. This state is in fourth place, behind California, Texas, and New York in terms of population.

The demographic situation, according to experts, will change in 15-20 years, when the state of Florida will be in an honorable second place. The population will increase, and there will be a shortage of land suitable for housing construction.

Additional advantages of the state of Florida include the absence of large enterprises of heavy industry here, which also applies to oil refineries and nuclear power plants.

The price of US real estate on the coast or the mainland can vary significantly depending on the region. Currently, Florida and California are the leaders in apartment sales are in Florida.

The most significant increase in real estate sales was recorded in Miami. Last but not least, we associate the words California, Florida, and Miami with relaxing in our villa, under pleasant sunlight, lying in a hammock next to our pool.

Who Chooses Florida and Why?

The sun, the ocean, lakes rich in fish, and golf courses are not all factors of the attractiveness of the American state of Florida. The warm current of the Gulf Stream has given lovers of sea travel a rich underwater flora and fauna.

Real estate and accommodation in Florida are optimal in terms of price and quality compared to, for example, the more expensive California.

Florida and Miami rank first in the US regarding the real estate purchased by foreigners, accounting for 25% of all transactions, leaving California (16%) and Texas (10%) far behind.

The British, Germans, Canadians, Venezuelans, and immigrants from Russia and the CIS countries are traditionally considered leaders among citizens from other states who buy real estate in Florida. Russians buy real estate in this state both for their residence and mainly for recreation and investment. 

The most popular cities among our compatriots are:

  • Miami;
  • Orlando;
  • Sarasota;
  • Tampa;
  • Fort Myers;
  • Fort Lauderdale.

All is in Miami

Florida: the territory of low prices in Miami, the capital of Florida, is the most attractive for buyers. Miami and its surroundings are a paradise for those interested in tropical nature.

Take Parrot Jungle, a tropical park with over 1,100 different bird species and over 1,200 plant species, giant tortoises, alligators, and other exotic reptiles.

Miami has an excellent infrastructure for tourists: hundreds of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, resorts, hotels, golf courses, dozens of amusement parks, shopping centers, zoos, attractions, stadiums, tennis centers, there is a casino, and even a hockey arena.

All this made it possible for Miami to become the world center of the entertainment and recreation industry.

The southern part of Miami Beach is South Beach. This world-famous area perfectly combines beach landscapes, deluxe residential high-rise buildings, and the atmosphere of a trendy resort with the most intense nightlife on the planet.

Investments in the area’s residential and commercial real estate have proven to be among the safest and most profitable in the US, even in times of crisis.

Downtown Miami – Downtown impresses with its magnificence of night colors and lights. Here is the Bayside Marketplace with numerous shops and restaurants.

Downtown Miami residential real estate is high-rise buildings, the construction of which began just a few years ago and did not stop even during the crisis period due to the ever-growing demand.

The apartments in them are huge, with high ceilings, panoramic windows, bold interior design solutions, and, most importantly, gorgeous views from the windows.

What to Invest in?

For those who buy real estate not for income generation but for their living and recreation, spacious apartments with high-quality finishes in a residential complex in Fort Lauderdale, a few steps from the ocean coast, beach, and river, are suitable.

In Miami, a two-bedroom apartment of 140 sq. m in a condominium on the first line from the ocean costs 329 thousand dollars. On the residential complex’s territory, all the infrastructure is necessary for recreation.

Property in Florida

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