Thailand Awaits: Promising Real Estate

Thailand Awaits

Thailand house prices have been increasing since 2017, and that has put a smile on the faces of investors worldwide. You can find ample information on the internet on how Thailand is profitable and the beautiful places you can visit there.

But there is only a handful of how promising the sector is. Is it all banter and supporters rant, or are there quality realty options and good prospects with return on investment? Read on to gain more insight.

Most Popular Locations in Thailand

The realty market’s highlights depend on the places you invest in the country. At least seventy million people live in Thailand, and these are split across many communities in the city.

Where you invest should depend on the nature of your investments and the plan you have for them.

If you intend to invest for residential purposes, then target localities that are high in population and near commercial areas.

This makes your property an easy option for the working class who commute to work daily, and those who cannot afford to live in high-rise areas like Bangkok will patronize your property so long it is in impeccable condition and in a decent location.

Some of the most famous residential hubs include:

  • Hua Hin: is home to the Thai monarchy and a beachy community outlined for its serenity and quietness. This area is also relatively close to Bangkok, and it costs lesser to live here. You can live in Hua Hin comfortably if you have a thousand to one thousand five hundred dollars.
  • Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai dates as far as 1296; it is one of those locations with dense historical relevance and affordability at the same time. Residents can see Elephant sanctuaries, remnants of ancient brick walls, moats, and Buddhist temples dating back centuries before. To live comfortably in Chiang Mai, you may need to have about 900 – 1100 dollars monthly.
  • Pak Nam Pram: This is a buzzing new district where a lot is happening real estate-wise. The section has just been discovered lately, and many businesses and companies are moving their officers there.

    It is an entrepreneurial hub in the country, and most importantly, it has beautiful landscapes and natural vegetation/ jungles, and it is cheap to live there. You can live comfortably in Pak Nam Pram with about 700 – 900 dollars.
  • Chiang Rai: You will need a minimum of 700 – 1000 dollars to live and balance well in Chiang Rai. It consists of many lovely rivers and the Wat Rong Khun white temple. The city is quiet and serves as home to many retirees and average-income earners.
  • Kanchanaburi concludes this list of the most affordable sections to live in Thailand.

As such, if your aim is residential solutions for most of the population, owning a property in one of these areas is a wise money decision.

  • However, if you are buying property for luxury and aesthetical purposes, you may have to look into other areas in Thailand. Particularly the places with popular destinations, the main city areas, and the tourist hubs.

    Unfortunately, these areas are not necessarily affordable, but that will be fine since you target tourists and foreigners. Some of these areas include.
  • Bangkok: Bangkok is the most expensive city to live in, and it has many prime destinations to back up people’s obsession with the area. Interestingly, even Bangkok is divided into smaller sections that differ in cost and affordability.

    For example, communities such as Sathorn and Lumphini have some of the most luxurious apartments and properties for ex-pats. Also, many people argue that Silom is another very wealthy neighborhood where you find impressive real estate.

In Bangkok’s central district and surrounding areas, land per square meter is as high as 230 000 baht, while in the suburbs, it could go as low as 64 000 baht.

As such, you can tell that realty in these areas is expensive to acquire. Regardless, they also hold promising returns on investments.

You can decipher from the above that the purpose and plan for your real estate will determine where you ought to put your money and how to go about it.

Make sure you take one piece of advice from this article, which is; Decide what your investment plan is, who you want to do real estate for, and what is your target customer. These questions will settle others and set you off for a great start.


Thailand is a place of history, economic boom, and entrepreneurial buzz, but it is also remarkable for its realty potential.

Whilst properties have been rising gradually in the past years, they rose up to 25% in some areas, which captured the larger world’s interest.

As you read this, you may remember that many investors are flushing the market and looking for ways to enter the industry.

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