Supercharge Your Connectivity: Exploring the Benefits of Business Fiber Internet

Benefits of Business Fiber Internet

High-speed internet is no longer a luxury in the fast-paced world that we live in. It has become a necessity, especially for businesses. Otherwise, low-connectivity issues will leave you and your employees scratching their heads. 

A new survey reveals that around 46% of businesses annoyed by their WAN noticed a drop in their productivity. About 86% of workers at mid-level report frustrations due to network issues. 

Adding to that are warnings from the experts. It’s believed that poor internet connectivity can have serious financial, security-related, and reputational consequences. You can only imagine what damages your business can incur due to an unstable internet connection. 

What’s the solution, then? It’s simple: switch to fiber internet that transfers data at breakneck rates. Valued at $4.48 billion in 2019, the global fiber optic market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.3% and reach $9.73 billion in the next four years. Wondering why? That’s because it’s ten times faster than a standard broadband connection. 

With that said, let’s discuss a few advantages of fiber internet connection that make it a worth-have for every business: 

1. Increased Bandwidth and Speed

Internet connections with increased bandwidth and speed aren’t an anomaly or luxury for businesses. Instead, they have become a necessity. Otherwise, connecting with domestic and overseas clients and uploading or downloading files would be quite a challenge. 

A handful of researchers have found that employees lose a day’s worth of productivity per week due to poor broadband connectivity and speed. In a time where there’s no shortage of fast internet connection, this is worrying for businesses. 

But thankfully, fiber-optic internet helps businesses stay on top of the game by offering a great range of speed from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps. Compared to traditional copper wiring, it can carry up to 200 times more data, so streaming video and sending large files won’t be troublesome. 

Therefore, businesses with large teams can never go wrong with fiber internet, thanks to its increased bandwidth and speed. 

2. Enhanced Reliability

Imagine having a video conference with one of your clients overseas, and the call ends due to an unstable WiFi connection. If you’ve been in such situations earlier, you’d know the embarrassment it brings along. Needless to say, your company’s bottom line will be affected in a negative manner. 

According to WOW!, fiber internet is the best connectivity for businesses because it is highly reliable compared to standard broadband. That’s because fibers are stronger than copper, so they are susceptible to inclement weather conditions. That means it won’t stall data transmission. 

Unless fibers are physically cut, they are resistant to electrical or human interference. That’s because they use light waves, unlike copper cables that rely on electricity. 

Even if your business fiber internet connection gets disrupted, the signal is reconnected within seconds. However, this happens once in a blue moon, unlike copper cables which lose connectivity every now and then. 

3. Cloud Access

There’s no denying that cloud computing solutions are important for all types of businesses. With a standard broadband connection, accessing applications and data stored in the cloud is relatively impossible.

That’s where fiber internet comes into the picture. Its bandwidth capabilities ensure faster access to cloud-hosted information. 

Your organization will benefit a lot by accessing details stored in the cloud with fewer delays. Even your customer and sales representatives will no longer face any delays in troubleshooting issues or communicating with customers. 

A new report reveals that 82% of IT leaders have embraced the hybrid cloud. That’s a whopping number, so why should you stay behind?

Hence, if you are planning to move more and more services to the cloud, fiber internet is a must-have because of the numerous benefits it offers. 

4. Excellent Signal Strength

In traditional broadband internet using Ethernet over Copper or DSL, the signal weakens if you move far from the switch. However, this isn’t the case with fiber-optic internet. 

One of the main reasons businesses prefer it over traditional options is its excellent signal strength. No matter how far you are from the switch, the signal strength won’t degrade. That is because the glass in the fiber-optic cables doesn’t absorb electromagnetic signals. 

Hence, employees working a little farther away from the telecommunications room won’t face network issues due to its signal strength. This isn’t possible otherwise if you have standard broadband internet. 

Ready for Fiber Internet?

Fiber-optic internet is a game-changer for corporations, no matter the size, thanks to its high speed, increased bandwidth, enhanced reliability, and resistance to interference. The only trade-off is that it’s more expensive than a standard broadband connection. 

However, it’s worth the extra cost because it minimizes speed issues and prevents disruptions. This ultimately improves the bottom line of the company. 

Before joining hands with any company, do your research. Take quotes and read reviews online. Seal the deal if everything seems favorable. 

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