Good and the Best Time to Make Investments in Turkish Real Estate

Investments in Turkish Real Estate

Welcome to the 101 blogs on the quickest facts about real estate investment in Turkey. In this article, you will find discussions on the indices of the Good and best times to invest in Turkey in 2023, common pitfalls of new investors, and suggestions on the best property items in the market.

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Indices determining stability in the Market

Generally, a lucrative market does not cease to be so overnight; especially when there has been reasonable inflow and outflow of cash and a good measure of foreign investment.

According to contrary to the general perception, real estate is a tangible asset with a high absorbance level; meaning that it can survive the shock, and a reasonable amount of shaking, and still come out strong.

There are many reasons why the trends in 2023 which are suspected to drown the market will be unable to; some of which include the:

  • The Turkish real estate market is a strong market: shock and unexpected incidents may reflect on real estate in some regions where the market is still emerging, but that of Turkey is already strong; as an industry valuing billions of dollars, a high level of international investments, it will be hard for such to become devalued.

    Take a practical example, it means that all those who have property investments in the country must be desperate enough to want to sell all at once, causing an immediate decrease in the value of the premises; and such an incident must reoccur for months, and even years to be able to take away the worth of a multi-billion dollar industry.

    So in the light of the recent landslides in Turkey is the real estate market going to be fatally affected? No. Will there be some form of impact for the next few years, yes, but not significant enough to disrupt the market.
  • Furthermore, when there are issues that cause an apprehension of fear as to the health and wealth of the real estate market, the first question to ask is the reaction of the government to such a situation.

    Policy making is one of the major drivers of the Turkey real estate industry, and the latter is recognized as a major revenue source for the country. Where you have a supportive government that is dedicated to seeing the industry flourish, you can rest over your investment.

    Following real estate news and the disposition of the government of the day, even in this hard time, there is a higher likelihood of a government with a supportive approach to the sector, and that is a reassuring factor.

Analyzing the indices in making informed decisions in the Turkish real estate market

So, what do you do with the information on the indices for the stability provided above? For one, the analysis above shows that even if it may look like trying times for the real estate property market, it is actually a good time to intensify investment in the country.

In a nutshell, it is a good time to invest in Turkey in 2023 following the recent happenings. Some investors may withdraw their investments due to uncertainty, but it may actually be best to hold on to your property and wait for the market to gain back its public credibility.

If you are a new/ intending investor, or if you would like to increase your real estate portfolio in Turkey, then feel free to. In the next few years, you will be glad you did.

However, do not merely invest blindly. Perhaps it is important to check out some of the tips below before making your next moves.

  • Be conscious of the geological report from the area: Landslides and quakes are not something to look forward to, especially where there are lives and properties involved on one hand, and people’s hard-earned investment money on the other. It is a terrible experience for all.

    In as much as these occurrences may not be foretellable, there are forecasts and possibility reports being published annually on the volatile and prone areas.

    It should be part of your due diligence to ensure that you contract a professional, or at least utilize one of the many pieces of information available at the land registry in deciding whether our area is safe for occupation. More so, you can.

City area vs. village centers

There is an age-long debate on whether city centers are better than villages and outskirts of towns when it comes to real estate investments and property management.

There is no one size fits all answer to this question because sometimes, the village area carries more profits than the alleged cities which only have names/fame, overpriced food, and overpriced services, etc.

So, the best way to answer this question would be to consider the comprehensive package you have on each location and consult with a property expert on which offer better value; because indeed sometimes, not all that glitters is gold.


Therefore, in answering the main question of this article, that is, whether it is a good time to invest in real estate in Turkey, the answer is yes. It is a good time because all of the indices and the drivers of the market are still present and active.

However, consult an expert on the totality of your intended purchase, consider the geological factors, and do not merely cherry-pick, speak to an expert about your plans. All the best!

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